ADS-C Communications Training

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract or ADS-C communications training is available now from Kobev International. The ADS-C Communications training program teaches about the agreements or the “contracts” between the ground system and an aircraft’s avionics. The ADS-C Communications training also covers the automatically dependent nature of the ADS versus an independent source like primary radar. The ADS-C Communications tools request specific reports from the ground system and the aircraft sends the reports as when they are required to be sent.

Get Better Understanding of ADS-C Communications

Kobev International offers a comprehensive ADS-C Communications Training program for first time or pilots already familiar with ADS-A and ADS-B systems already. Our ADS-C Communications Training course covers providing surveillance for aircraft in non-surveillance airspace. Like the minimum reporting rate being no longer than every 14 minutes allowing for longitudinal and lateral separation standards to be reduced to 30NM x 30NM.

Learn the Types of ADS-C Communications Contracts

There are multiple contracts that the ADS-C Communications system uses to report and here are a few of the most commonly used contracts that will be fully explained and used throughout the course:

  • Periodic: Reports Set Every (X) Minutes
  • Demand: Single Periodic Reports
  • Event: Report When a Specified Event Happens
    • Waypoint Events
    • Altitude Range Change Events
    • Lateral Deviation Events

Our ADS-C Communications Training will have you familiar and very proficient in the ADS-C Communications system so you can take the qualification and start using it. As you will or already know, each report from the aircraft with ADS-C includes basic ADS with location and altitude/level. Avionics can add optional data to the periodic reports.

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