CPDLC Pilot Training

Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A+) is the product name given to a suite of software upgrades that support CPDLC, ADS-C, AFN and AOC communications over ACARS protocols. FANS-1 was originally developed by Boeing, while Airbus originally developed FANS-A. The two systems are functionally identical. Industry standardization efforts sought to refer to both packages simultaneously, hence the naming convention “FANS 1/A”. The “+” came about as a minor update to the industry standard, DO-258 to DO-258a, and is primarily due to the new message latency feature in CPDLC. All FANS 1/A or FANS 1/A+ messages can be sent over Inmarsat or Iridium satellite systems in addition to VHF (VDL Mode 0, Mode A, or Mode 2.).

Kobev International CPDLC Pilot Training Options

  • Hands on training over the live satellite network
  • Option to use our portable avionics station if your aircraft is not available
  • Part 135 approved FANS data link training (with POI approval)
  • Serving business aviation operators (part 91, part 135)
  • Serving commercial air cargo operators
  • Serving commercial air transport operators
  • Serving military operators
  • Initial operator training
  • Recurrent operator training
  • Classrooms in Chicago
  • On-site training at your facility can be arranged
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Avionics Specific Training Programs For

  • Collins Fusion
  • Collins Proline 21 Advanced
  • Collins Proline 21 with CMU - 1000
  • Colline Proline 4 with CMU - 1000
  • Honeywell Easy
  • Honeywell NZ2000 with CMU MARK III
  • Universal Avionics UniLink 801 with FANS 1/A+
  • Universal Avionics UniLink 801 with FANS 1/A+ AND ATN

As requested by our clients, Kobev offers shortened recurrent training sessions for live practice of FANS login, and CPDLC messaging for refreshment training just before your next FANS flight

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